Beauty Tips for the Radiant Bride

When it comes to looking stunning on your wedding day, wearing one of the most stunning bespoke bridal gowns is only a fraction of the equation. On that important day of your life, all eyes are on you. This means aside from ensuring all the fine details of your wedding are taken care of, you also need to pay attention to your beauty regimen several weeks leading up to your special day.

Here are some essential pointers on how you can look every bit the radiant bride and look absolutely gorgeous in one of those bespoke bridal gowns on your wedding day:

• Let's start with a few basics. In order to effortlessly exude beauty, it is important that you feel good about yourself. Use your time wisely in incorporating a regular fitness and beauty regimen between the time of your engagement and wedding. Adhere to an effective yet simple beauty schedule, take time to exercise, pay attention to what you eat and generally adapt a healthy lifestyle.

• Avoid experimenting. The several days leading up to the big day are definitely not a good time to make any drastic changes or experiment. Do not give in to the temptation of trying out a new hair colour or cut. Any serious changes should be done months in advance so you still have ample time to undo anything, if there is a need to do so. Keep in mind that your wedding day is definitely not the ideal time for you to reinvent your look. If you want to wow and surprise everyone, keep your look safe and focus on investing on one of those bespoke bridal gowns that can add that oomph factor.

• Conduct several consultations with your hairdresser. Take time to discuss with your hairdresser what would be the most ideal and flattering hairstyle for you, taking into account not only your face shape but also the type of wedding veil and the cut of the gown. Schedule that appointment at the beauty salon and work on the different hairdo options. If you are planning to remove your headpiece during the reception or you want flowers weaved into your hair, communicate that plan to your hairdresser so you both can agree on the best hairstyle that can incorporate these ideas.

• Invest in perfect looking skin. While it is true that is not a good idea for any facial or deep facial massages days before the big day, you should not overlook the importance of taking care of your skin months before the wedding. It is generally best to plan out a string of facials starting about six months before your wedding up until a couple of weeks before you finally say "I Do."

Aside from your face, you also need to pay attention to your hands. It goes without saying that those chipped nails and ragged cuticles can look very unappealing and can easily run the look, even if you are wearing one of the most expensive bespoke bridal gowns.

• Prevent those puffy eyes. With the string of events leading to the big day such as the rehearsal dinner and bridal showers, one of the most common problems among brides is puffy eyes. Take necessary measures to reduce any puffiness by splashing your face with ice-cold water for at least 25 minutes before you put on an eye mask.

To achieve inner radiance on your wedding day, focus on staying calm. If you need to deal with frazzled nerves, get a relaxing massage. Allow your inner glow to shine through by making sure you don't get lost in the preparation and miss out on the significance of the actual event.


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